Provide CMS Service and Increase Customer Footfall 

    Cash Management Service 

    RapiPay’s cash management service (CMS) allows retailers to convert their shops into a cash deposit centre and help their customers with the timely payment of their loan EMIs conveniently. RapiPay’s CMS service is efficient, speedy, and safe to use.

    Our cash management service is functional on all days and lets retailers help customers with their EMI payments even on public holidays and non-banking hours. A retailer can accept cash from his customer and credit the EMI in the respective biller’s account immediately using the RapiPay web portal and app.

    Cash management service allows retailers to grow their business and increase their monthly earnings by getting an attractive commission on every cash deposit.

    Benefits of Providing

    RapiPay’s Cash Management Service 

    Attractive commission  
    150+ billers payments accepted  
    Access to more customers 
    Real-time dashboard  
    Maintain healthy cash flow 
    Dedicated customer support  

    Attractive commission

    150+ billers payments accepted  

    Access to more customers  

    Real-time dashboard  

    Maintain healthy cash flow 

    Dedicated customer service team

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    What Our Retailers Say

    Imran Sheikh ​

    RapiPay CMS service is very easy to use and has good commission. Using this service, I provide cash deposit service to my customers for their loan EMIs which help to increase customer at my shop. Rapipay sales team is also very good and always available to help me.​

    J Spandana​​
    Andhra Pradesh​

    I can accept loan EMIs for many banks/NBFCs as more than 100 billers are available with Rapipay CMS service. My shop has become a popular cash deposit point in my area and my business is growing too.

    Rakesh Sharma​​
    Uttar Pradesh​

    जबसे मैंने Rapipay CMS सर्विस प्रदान करना शुरू करा है मेरे एरिया के लोग अपने लोन की emi जमा करने बैंक नहीं जाते बल्कि मेरे शॉप आना पसंद करते है| इस सर्विस के बदौलत मुझे कैश भी मिल जाता है जिसे मैं अपने बिज़नेस के बाकि कामो के लिए इस्तेमाल कर लेता हु|​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    RapiPay’s Cash Management Services enable a retailer to accept cash from his customer and deposit the same in the respective biller account digitally in real time. These payments are generally loan EMIs that a customer has taken from a bank/NBFC/MFI. 

    Yes, a real-time reporting dashboard is available with RapiPay’s Cash Management Service to keep track of real-time cash deposit flow. 

    RapiPay is facilitating cash management service in association with Airtel Payments Bank and Fingpay. A retailer can accept payments from a customer for more than 150 billers which can be credited digitally to the biller’s account in real time. 

    RapiPay is India’s fastest-growing assisted payment services company with a PAN India presence and regional offices in all major metro cities. Our retailers get all the required help via our dedicated sales and customer support team. RapiPay provides its retailers state-of-the-art web portal and the app that is safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform. 

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